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Assisting Entrepreneurs And Innovators

As a business consulting firm, Business Consulting and Investing Group (BCIG) is committed to providing entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs with the top-tier advisory services they need to grow.

To assist entrepreneurs and innovators in creating, launching, growing, and expanding their businesses, BCIG has put together a skilled and dedicated team of consultants who deploy their expertise to formulate relevant proprietary insights and models.

our services

What we offer

Of the many services which BCIG offers, some are: developing of business ideas, writing business plans and business cases, launching new ventures, raising money, building strategy, conducting market research, helping the client enter a new market, and providing consulting services for family businesses.

Creating a business plan is a forcing function that proves business viability and spots risks before happening.

Employing case development to analyze how fulfilling is the business case will implement the corporate approach.

BCIG researches all opportunities, and innovation plans with your start-up business or advance it's bases.

If your business is drowning down or you need to enter a new market, you have to check BCIG market research.

Our view is that sustainability of family enterprises is valuable and very important to the world's economies.

In addition to all consulting services, we reveal a platform of other services that we are highly expert in performing.

Our Target Market

Core Audience

We strive to fulfill our mission with two target markets: startup businesses and existing businesses.


You have launched an MVP and have traction in the market and need a Series A or Series B.

You have traction and need to expand to a new market or country.

You have a business model that works, but you want to increase customer acquisition and marketing.

You need help scaling your business, and you are looking for strategic advice.

Existing Businesses

You have a current, successful business with a customer base and need capital to arise instantly.

Your industry is passing through a period of change or consolidation, and you need to increase the pace of growth.

You want to enroll in a new market or launch a new product and require the appropriate studies.

You are thinking about exiting the business and desire to maximize shareholder value in the medium to long term.

Our Industries

The Industry In Which We Operate

Our Partners

Business Partners

Our Cases

Case Studies

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Business Consulting and Investing Group (BCIG) is a business consulting firm that provides professionals endeavoring to assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs with the right support and constant guidance.

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