What Is GRG?

GRG is a distribution company registered in Angola. It provides well-known brands to formal and informal markets.

Outcomes: We were approached by business owners to obtain reliable company value according to accurate correct data and numbers. BCIG gave a detailed description of the company income and valuation growth over the course of the previous years. Investors who viewed our valuation gained the confidence to make partnerships after they understood where their money was going and how it was going to provide them with a return on the investment.

Business Model

What Is SALCO?

SALCO is an international business company registered in Turkey. It is responsible for carrying and importing well-known brands and exporting them to broad markets in the Middle East and Africa.

Outcomes: BCIG was fully-professional in warranting the continued viability of the SALCO project. We advocated and ensured that SALCO's investment was justified in terms of its strategic direction and delivered privileges. We creatively provided context, benefits, costs, and a set of innovative options for critical decision makers and funders to guarantee massive growth and introduce the rationale for preferred solutions.

What is Sharkys?

Sharkys is a multi-national marketing agency specialized in creative-strategic marketing solutions powered by data analysis, market research, and digital technology to help businesses grow, scale-up, profit, and retain loyal customers.

Outcomes: BCIG submitted creative solutions that helped Sharkys Agency to develop and execute a winning strategy for long-term survival. We’ve been a strategic thought leader who brought unrivaled capabilities, tools, technologies, and talent to the firm. We helped the firm mobilize for change to achieve sustained and profitable growth.

What Is Niveen Brands?

Niveen Brands is a vital source for FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods). It is a brand dedicated to offering the client the finest quality. Founded in 2019 by the parent Company CCS Group, Niveen Brands has come a long way from its head office in Lebanon and has expanded internationally.

Outcomes: BCIG assisted Niveen Brands in monitoring the effectiveness of sales and ascertaining the quality of services provided by competitors. We studied the target audience’s interests and values and understood the channels of communication used by competitors to assess an active competition within the market. This research had helped the company in selecting the best products and services and avoid failure.

Business Consulting and Investing Group (BCIG) is a business consulting firm that provides professionals endeavoring to assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs with the right support and constant guidance.

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