Other Services

In addition to all the above consulting services that BCIG offers, here we reveal a platform of other services that we are highly expert in performing.

PowerPoint Presentation

Imagine how a company would present its product. Our team members attract the audience's focus and introduce the company's valuable insights and identity by a visual attractive slideshow presentation. We set engaging PowerPoint presentations which combine graphics, animation, and multimedia to interestingly present a product.

Pitch Deck

Your pitch deck is an essential tool when speaking to investors. BCIG does your business's pitch decks while presenting a startup to potential investors for fundraising. A powerful pitch deck can help you secure the funding you need to make your business idea a reality. 

Business Model Design

BCIG's business model describes the value an organization offers to its customers. It illustrates the capabilities and resources required to create, market, and deliver this value. Relying on a well-designed business model will let you stay competitive and anticipate revenues. 

Business Valuation

BCIG evaluates the economic value of a whole business or company unit according to international standards. Our business valuation determines the firm's fair value depending on a variety of reasons, including sale value, establishing partner ownership, taxation, and so on.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our group’s merger and acquisition services are the corporate strategies that deal with buying, selling, or combining different companies to achieve rapid growth. Your M&A strategy should be a logical extension of your growth strategy and should be based on a disciplined model that supports larger deals.

Feasibility Study

Before launching any business, you need to do a feasibility study to support your decision-making process based on a cost benefit analysis of the actual business or project viability. BCIG's feasibility study can also identify potential obstacles that may impede the operations and recognize the amount of funding needed to get your company up and running.

Review Studies like (Business Plan, Feasibility Study, etc.)

If you've already formed your business plan, feasibility study, market research, etc. BCIG reviews and modifies them in a professional outline that lets your business become a trust-worthy one.

Marketing Services (Partnership with Sharkys)

Marketing orientation for any company has to be adaptable to changing technology. That is why a dynamic plan is designed based on your objectives while remaining flexible enough to adapt to changes in consumer behaviors & market conditions. Whether you are a start-up business / entrepreneur or a multiple-geographical company, Sharkys assists you to expand your market reach & delivers high performing marketing campaigns.

How can we help you?

Do you have a project? Contact us and we will answer all your questions. We will start working on your project soon.

Company Profile

Business Consulting and Investing Group (BCIG) is a business consulting firm that provides professionals endeavoring to assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs with the right support and constant guidance.

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