Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting & New Ventures

Sometimes you just need a consultant who brings an outside clear perspective free of emotions and personal bias. BCIG researches all opportunities, competitors, and innovation plans with your start-up business and improves your business bases.

Sizing The Market & Competitive Landscape

A simple way to identify what your competition is up to researching it. We assess the market to know and analyze key competition's strengths and weaknesses.

Identifying Growth & Scale Opportunities

BCIG examines a product's power in the market by inquiring about numerous opportunities and evaluating brand value propositions.

Developing An Operating Model/Plan

BCIG formulates an operating model plan that describes how the business will run itself. It includes a general model of the activities to be delivered, quality standards, desired outcomes, staffing and resource requirements, implementation timetables, and a process for monitoring progress.

Developing An Innovation Strategy

Our group determines objectives and a strategic approach to innovation. We align innovation strategy with your business goals and objectives in a creative framework.

Leading Turnarounds

For overcoming the problem of industrial breakdown, BCIG uses the leading turnarounds strategy. We convert a loss-making industrial unit into a profitable one and improve the financial situation after a certain time.

Building, Launching, & Running Businesses

BCIG adopts clients' ideas and implements them. We become partners in your start-up business and aid you financially and technically in all stages.

How can we help you?

Do you have a project? Contact us and we will answer all your questions. We will start working on your project soon.

Company Profile

Business Consulting and Investing Group (BCIG) is a business consulting firm that provides professionals endeavoring to assist entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs with the right support and constant guidance.

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